Rev. John Seniw

       During his 25 years in the ministry, Father John Seniw has served the Ukrainian Catholic parishes of St. Josaphat Church in Parma, Ohio; St. Josaphat Church in Philadelphia, PA; Holy Ghost Church in Easton, PA; St. Nicholas Church in Great Meadows, NJ; St. Michael the Archangel Church in Frackville, PA; St. Nicholas Church in Mahanoy City, PA; St. John the Baptist Church in Maizeville, PA; and St. John the Baptist Church in Northampton, PA. More recently, Father John served as pastor of three parishes, St. Vladimir Church in Scranton, PA; SS. Peter & Paul Church in Simpson, PA; and Ss. Peter & Paul Church in Wilkes-Barre, PA. Presently Father John serves as pastor of Ss. Cyril & Methodius Church in Berwick, PA and St. Nicholas Church in Glen Lyon, PA and is also Protopresbyter of the North Anthracite Protopresbytery of the Ukraianian Catholic Archeparchy of Philadelphia, PA.

       Reverend John Seniw, son of Wasyl and Sophia Seniw, was born in Erie, Pennsylvania in 1956. He completed his primary and secondary education in Erie and attended Gannon University for a short period. Father John graduated from the Cathedral Preparatory High School in Erie, PA. In 1975 he entered St. Basil College in Stamford, Connecticut and graduated in 1978. He then began theological studies at St. Josaphat Ukrainian Catholic Seminary in Washington, D.C., concluding with a Master of Arts degree in Sacred Theology in 1982. Upon completion of his studies there, he was ordained to the priesthood on May 16, 1982 by Metropolitan Archbishop Stephen Sulyk for the Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy of Philadelphia. After serving the parishes in Parma, Ohio and Philadelphia, Father John furthered his education at the Pontifical College of St. Josaphat in Rome, Italy specializing in the study of Litugry. Upon his return he has served several Ukrainian Catholic Churches in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

       In addition to his spiritual and administrative duties, Father John takes an active part in ecumenical activities with a view to foster better relations among different Christian traditions. He also enjoys various outdoor activities, especially hunting and fishing, and participates in several conservation organizations.

Priests Who Served Our Parish
September 1909 - Rev. Ilarion Yakymowych
November 1910 - Rev. Joseph Pelechowych
March 1911 - Rev. Basil Turula
November 1911 - Rev. Vladimir Obushkevich
January 1912 - Rev. Joseph Bernatsky
September 1912 - Rev. Cyril Pyrozok
May 1913 - Rev. John Kutsky
October 1913 - Rev. Stephen Malaniak
April 1914 - Rev. Theodore Dwulit
January 1915 - Rev. Basil Maniosky
March 1916 - Rev. John Zaklynsky
July 1916 - Rev. Joseph Bernatsky
February 1918 - Rev. A. Strotsky
January 1920 - Rev. Phillip Kysilowsky
October 1920 - Rev. Alex Pelensky
November 1920 - Rev. M.N. Skrotsky
February 1920 - Rev. John Zuk
July 1922 - Rev. Nikon Romaniuk
March 1923 - Rev. John Ostap
August 1923 - Rev. Vladimir Tytar
December 1923 - Rev. Xavier Bonn
June 1924 - Rev. Vladimir Tytar
June 1926 - Rev. Joseph Bernatsky
August 1926 - Rev. Stephen Matsiurak
December 1927 - Rev. Michael Kindij
October 1928 - Rev. John Dorozynskyj
January 1929 - Rev. Michael Lukasky
March 1930 - Rev. Stephen Malaniak
December 1931 - Rev. Vladimir Tytar
August 1933 to June 1948 - Rev. Yaroslav Skrotsky
June 1948 to November 1979 - Rev. John Bilanych
November 1979 to June 1982 - Rev. Andrew Baunchalk
June 1982 to February 1996 - Rev. Msgr. John Beckage
July 1996 to July 2004 - Rev. Msgr. Stephen Chomko
July 2004 to Present - Rev. John Seniw